Four Ways to Fight Fear

Fight fear
Photo by Filippo Ruffini on Unsplash

I’ve talked a lot about how I fight fear and imposter syndrome recently in my Happiness blog posts, free guide to Unlimited Self-Esteem and in my online course Happiness Club for Unlimited Self-Esteem. I have experienced fear a lot over the past few years, both in my day jobs and in Happiness Club. I think fear is the biggest thing that holds me back in all areas of my life. Fear still regularly shows up in my life, but it is getting easier to recognise it and deal with it.  In this blog post I talk about some other techniques I use to fight fear.

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Invoke your Freakin’ Goddess

Invoke your Freakin' Goddess
Picture credit: Chris Grover

Second in a series of posts to increase confidence and self-esteem

As part of my daily prayers and rituals I set an intention to remember I’m a Freakin’ Goddess. Throughout the day I visualise myself stepping into my power and imagine my guides, guardians and angels surrounding me; protecting me and guiding me in all that I do. It is an incredible feeling. I set an alarm on my phone that says, “Remember you’re a freaking Goddess!” as an extra reminder. Sometimes I even sing, “Remember You’re a Goddess” to the tune of ‘Remember You’re a Womble”, which my partner Andy, aka Mr Sexy Pants (MSP), seems to find amusing. Continue reading “Invoke your Freakin’ Goddess”

Self-worth and bit pics

Self-worth and bit pics

Bit pics and how they are linked to a Woman’s Self-Worth

When I was single, I never ceased to be amazed by men sending me pictures of their bits. I’ve been in a relationship for over six years now but my single, and recently single friends, tell me bit pics are still very much a thing. I do not want to see pictures of my boyfriend’s bits, let alone a random stranger from Tinder or Plenty of Fish.

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