Four Ways to Fight Fear

Fight fear
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I’ve talked a lot about how I fight fear and imposter syndrome recently in my Happiness blog posts, free guide to Unlimited Self-Esteem and in my online course Happiness Club for Unlimited Self-Esteem. I have experienced fear a lot over the past few years, both in my day jobs and in Happiness Club. I think fear is the biggest thing that holds me back in all areas of my life. Fear still regularly shows up in my life, but it is getting easier to recognise it and deal with it.  In this blog post I talk about some other techniques I use to fight fear.

Best-case vs. worst-case scenario exercise

Best-case scenario

Firstly, I imagine the best-case scenario. I think about what is the best thing or things that can happen? I visualise it and write it down.

Worst-case scenario

Then I imagine the worst-case scenario. I think about what is the worst thing or things that can happen. I visualise it and write it down.

Most likely scenario

Next I imagine the most likely scenario. I think about what is most likely to happen. I visualise it and write it down.

Contingency plan

Finally, I think about a contingency plan. What will I do if the worst happens? Often when I stop and think about the worst-case scenario, I realise it’s actually not that bad, which helps to reduce the fear. Having a contingency plan reduces the fear further.

Fear of Fear itself

I recently realised that ironically the thing I’m most afraid of is of the fear of fear itself. As my coach Jason Goldberg (JG) says, “it’s fear of feelings”. I find having this awareness helpful.

Tapping to overcome fear

I find that Tapping is a great way to overcome fear. My Tapping for Anxiety sequence video can be used to help fight fear.

Just do it

I find that one of the best ways to fight fear is to just do whatever it is I’m scared of. I start off with small baby steps and it does get easier. I’m scared, but I do it anyway.


As with most things in my life, I find my faith is one of the biggest things that helps me to overcome fear. I pray to get fear and ego out of the way and be in service.

I hope you found these techniques helpful. What do you do to overcome fear? Let me know in the comments or in the Happiness Club Facebook group.

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