Ask the Angels – Will I have enough patients to keep myself afloat financially?

Ask the Angels – Will I have enough patients to keep myself afloat financially?

Ask the Angels is a series where I answer your questions using a combination of angel card readings and coaching. For this reading I am using the Angel Tarot deck.

This reading is for Carolyn who wanted to Ask the Angels – will I have enough patients to keep myself afloat financially?

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Manifesting Miracles

Manifesting Miracles
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Since studying the writing of Marianne Williamson and later A Course in Miracles, I have become accustomed to manifesting miracles.

My most recent experience of manifesting a miracle was this weekend. On Friday morning I sat down to write some fiction. I have felt a calling to do this for a while, but I’ve been procrastinating. My plan was to spend all day Friday, and possibly Saturday, working on a story that’s been brewing in my mind. I thought I might be more motivated if I made it fun, so instead of sitting indoors at my laptop, I sat in the garden with a coffee, a new notepad, and my purple fountain pen.

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Four Ways to Fight Fear

Fight fear
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I’ve talked a lot about how I fight fear and imposter syndrome recently in my Happiness blog posts, free guide to Unlimited Self-Esteem and in my online course Happiness Club for Unlimited Self-Esteem. I have experienced fear a lot over the past few years, both in my day jobs and in Happiness Club. I think fear is the biggest thing that holds me back in all areas of my life. Fear still regularly shows up in my life, but it is getting easier to recognise it and deal with it.  In this blog post I talk about some other techniques I use to fight fear.

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Introduction to Meditation

Girl practicing meditation
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I’ve been practicing meditation for so long I assume that everyone vaguely interested in spirituality meditates, and everyone knows how to meditate. I have been surprised a couple of times lately when people have told me that they don’t meditate, or they don’t know how to meditate.

In my experience meditation is one of the most important keys to mental health and wellbeing. In this post I share some benefits of meditation, some different types of meditation and give an outline of my personal meditation practice.

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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
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I think most people have experienced imposter syndrome at one time or another. I talk about dealing with imposter syndrome in my free guide Happiness Club for Unlimited Self-Esteem, my online course for self-esteem and in my previous blog post about overcoming fear and imposter syndrome.

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