Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness – Third in the series of The Social Isolation Diaries

11th April 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who read my ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ post. I am sitting here writing the next post and my mind was searching for a suitable quote about light and darkness. I remembered that Mr Sexy Pants (MSP) bought me a notepad last year and on the front, there was a quote: “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”. (Isn’t he adorable? He hasn’t got a spiritual bone in his body and yet somehow he chose the most perfect item for me).

My dark night of the soul blog post was originally written to a few friends on Wednesday evening, when I was at a pretty low ebb. Writing my feelings down was so cathartic. It brought me a lot of peace and clarity. I have felt so much better for the last couple of days.

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My Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul
My Dark Night of the Soul – Second in the series of The Social Isolation Diaries

Wednesday 8th April 2020

I want to share how I’m feeling.

The first couple of weeks of lockdown I felt great. I was maintaining all my Happiness practices. I was so proud of myself.

Then I was starting to feel increasingly overwhelmed with working on Happiness Club on top of working full-time. I was feeling stressed all the time with constant headaches. I have even been waking up in the morning with headaches. I talked to my angels and guides and said “Come on guys. I need your help. If you want me to do Happiness Club, then I need some help.”

Work has also been quite stressful, and we have a challenging situation going on with Andy’s Mum.

(I’m sitting here crying my eyes out as I write this).

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Quiet Time – The Social Isolation Diaries

Quiet time

Saturday 28th of March 2020

It is the 2nd week of lockdown during the Coronavirus crisis in the UK. I’m enjoying some much-needed quiet time.

When they started talking at work about us taking our laptops home every night, I didn’t take it too seriously. Although after a few days I did start to stow my laptop away in my pink rucksack and take it home with me every evening. The thought of lockdown secretly excited me. I also found the idea of working from home appealing. I thought it would give me lots of extra time to relax and work on Happiness Club.

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