Beating the January Blues

Beating the January Blues - woman blowing snow.
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As Blue Monday approaches, I want to write an article about beating the January blues. I often find that January can be a depressing time. For me this is usually for a few reasons. Firstly, I find it can be depressing going back to work after a break. Overindulging in sugar, carbs, and alcohol during December and over the festive period has a knock-on effect on my physical and mental health. This year we have the added worry of the cost-of-living crisis. Plus, the weather doesn’t help. In this blog post I share my tips on beating the January blues.

Feel the Pain

I believe the first step to beating the January blues, or any blues for that matter, is to feel it first. I allow myself to fully feel the pain before I move onto my other techniques for Happiness.

Know that it will pass

Knowing that I tend to feel a bit depressed every January and that it always passes, helps me to feel better. I’ve been here before and gotten through it and no doubt I’ll be here again. As Nicherin Daishonin says, “Winter always turns to spring”. – WND I: 65

Plan something fun to look forward to

I like having something to look forward to and that helps to keep my spirits up. Whether it’s date night with my partner, MSP, a coffee with a friend or a holiday in the sun. If funds are limited, plan something no cost or low cost such as inviting a friend around for a coffee or to play board games. Plan some me time to read a book or have a bubble bath. What do you enjoy doing?

Get outside

Getting outside for a walk in nature or by the sea is guaranteed to improve my mood. If I can’t get to nature or the seaside, I usually feel better even if I just step outside for a few minutes.

Crank up the tunes

I aim to play some upbeat music and have a bit of a boogie around the kitchen or the bathroom in the morning before I go to work. Occasionally this doesn’t work, but most of the time it lifts my spirits and gets me in a positive mindset for the day ahead.


I highly recommend having a daily gratitude practice. I find practicing gratitude helps me to reprogramme my brain to focus on the good things in my life, instead of what is going wrong.

Random acts of kindness

Doing something positive for others is another sure-fire way to improve my mood. Pay someone a compliment, spend some time encouraging a friend, write a Google review for a local business or buy a homeless person a coffee. You can google random acts of kindness for more ideas.


One of my favourite methods for dealing with depression, stress or anxiety is Tapping. On the Happiness Club YouTube channel, I have Tapping sequences for anxiety and self-esteem, including a mini Tapping for anxiety sequence that can be used quickly in an emergency.

Keep the faith

The biggest thing that has helped me overcome depression and helps me when I’m feeling blue or facing a challenge is my faith. When things are tough, I hand things over to my higher power*. I know that no matter what, God is my strength, and the Universe has my back. There is always a solution to every challenging situation, and I can make the impossible possible.

I love this affirmation from Louise Hay, ““All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this experience only good will come. I am safe.” If it’s a smaller issue I say it two or three times. If it’s a bigger issue, I babble it incessantly.””


I hope you found this blog post about beating the January blues helpful. How do you deal with feeling blue? Let me know in the comments or in the Happiness Club Facebook Group.


*Higher power. For me one of the biggest things that helps me with all aspects of my life and one of my main keys to Happiness is my faith in a higher power. I suggest choosing a higher power that works for you, a ‘higher power of your understanding’ as they say in 12 step programmes. It could be God, Goddess, the Universe, the Divine, Gohonzon (object of devotion used in Nicherin Buddhism), Buddha, Guides, Angels, Spirit, Mother Nature, my higher self, the Divine within, my unconscious mind or something else. I believe in and use all of these terms. Personally, I think they are all the same anyway. I also believe we have that power inside of us.

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