Morning Affirmations

Morning affirmations

Morning affirmations are a great way to start your day on a positive note. I sometimes suffer with anxiety when I first wake up and I find affirmations are a great way to combat this. In this post I talk about some of my favourites:

1. I am happy.

Does what it says on the tin. A brilliant way to switch from anxiety to a happy, peaceful state of mind.

2. I had a fantastic night sleep and I’ve got plenty of time.

Waking up worrying that you didn’t get enough sleep and that you haven’t got enough time is not a good start to the day. These affirmations turn that on its head. Remember that it’s important to focus on what you want as what you focus on is what you get.

3. I love and approve of myself

In her book, “You Heal Your Life,” Louise Hay says that loving ourselves “is the “magic wand” that dissolves problems”.

I also use the following affirmations from the post “5 Morning Affirmations to Make Your Day a Success” from Priya Jain on the TUT blog:

1. “Today is a good day.”

This is another fab affirmation for focusing on the positive. The original is actually “Today is going to be a good day”. I have changed this so that it’s in the present tense as per my previous blog about affirmations.

2. “I am doing good.”

This affirmation is a good reminder to be in service. Every day (when I remember) I set the intention to be in service and get my ego out of the way.  Again, the original affirmation, “I will do good today”, was in the past tense, so I have changed it to the present tense.

3. “Everything is happening perfectly.”

I add to this “Everything is working out for my highest good”. I find this is a good reminder that “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit,” as the Napoleon Hill saying goes.

4. “I act with courage and love.”

This helps me to remember to look for the spark of divinity that is present within all of us, even if sometimes it is really well hidden. It prompts me to be slow to react when provoked.

5. “I am enough.”

If there’s a second “magic wand” affirmation this is it. Marisa Peer, famous for the “I am enough” philosophy says that so many of our problems stem from not feeling enough. Peer says, “The repetition of that simple phrase over and over (both out loud and in your head) will eventually make it difficult for your mind to object to it.” –


I first heard of this when a friend told me about a suggestion to write “I am enough” in lipstick on a mirror. I went home and wrote on my mirror in lipstick:


“I am enough. I do enough. I have enough. I am good enough.”


Unfortunately, I ran out of lipstick half-way through and had to swap to a different one. I didn’t “have enough!” Haha.

So, remember to do your morning affirmations. Prosperity guru, Randy Gage suggests that affirmations are more powerful when we’re in an alpha state, such as when we’re meditating or when we’re in that place somewhere between sleep and being awake.


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