Overcoming Limiting Self-beliefs

Overcoming Limiting Self-beliefs

Limiting self-beliefs are often the cause of us not achieving our goals. They stop us getting what we want in life. Such beliefs can often be self-fulfilling prophecies. In this article we outline our tips for overcoming limiting self-beliefs.

1.    Identify the limiting self-belief

To identify your limiting self-beliefs, think about what your problems are or where you’re stuck. For example, you might believe that you can’t get motivated to exercise. How does that belief cause you to act? What are the consequences of not changing that belief?

2.    Create a new belief

Create a new belief and turn it into a positive affirmation. Using exercise as an example, you could change your belief to ‘I love exercising and I find it easy to get motivated to exercise’. How does that new belief make you feel? How does it cause you to act?

3.    Set a goal

Set a goal based on this new belief.  See my previous post about Setting and Achieving Goals. Ensure you set time aside to take action. Do what you need to do to increase your chances of success.

4.    Celebrate

Remember to celebrate your achievement and reward yourself.

What are your limiting self-beliefs? Please comment on this post and let us know how you get on with this exercise.

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