My part in the Egyptian Revolution – Positivity Podcast

my part in the Egyptian Revolution

Listen to my interview about my part in the Egyptian Revolution on the Positivity Podcast with Andrew Culture.

I throughly enjoyed recording it and listening to it. I loved that I found it interesting even though it was about me and it made me laugh!

“Sometimes a podcast guest doesn’t quite turn out to be what I expect them to be.

When this happens it is often a delight, but not always.

I booked Sam Brook for an interview to talk about her ‘Happiness Club’ project. But before we got into that discussion I wanted to find about a little bit more about the background of my guest. This is where things took a quite shocking and unexpected turn.

Sam disclosed that she took part in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Not only was she there, she was also one of a handful of Western journalists who wrote about the unfolding events for news websites and blogs.

This podcast episode is more than just another retelling of historical events, in this fascinating interview Sam shares several jaw-dropping stories that were not reported in the Western Media. As you may expect, this episode contains strong language and frank opinions.

I’ll have to book Sam again to talk about The Happiness Club, because this episode developed a remarkable story that needs to be heard.” – Andrew Culture’s Positivity Podcast

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