Your chance to do something about climate change

Climate change in Suffolk

This is an impassioned plea to my fellow residents of Suffolk to do something about the current climate emergency. This is your chance to ‘Be the change’ (in the words Mahatma Ghandi). Best of all you can do it relatively easily.


Recently I saw a haunting picture of polar bear on Facebook. It was a picture of a very thin polar bear on a very small piece of ice. Shortly after that I saw a video of a polar bear that had broken into someone’s house and was ransacking food because it was so hungry. I feel so distressed thinking about it as I write this blog post that it hurts me physically. Watching this video from National Geographic brought me to tears. I defy you to watch it and not be moved.


At the time I initially saw the pictures I thought, “I wish there was something I can do but what can I do to make a difference?” I briefly considered going vegan, but the thought overwhelmed me and I’m ashamed to say I like my meat too much.


I was delighted to receive an email this afternoon from my friend Melody with news of something I can do to make a difference and, if you live in Suffolk, you can too. Suffolk County Council are holding a debate on Climate Change on Thursday afternoon. The debate will be held at Endeavor House in Ipswich on Thursday 21 March at 2 pm. It is open to all who want to go along to show their support. Please arrive up to an hour early as local media will be there.


Another thing you can do, and the email says this is the most influential thing you can do to ‘support this’, is write to your local county councillor and ask them to vote in favour of the motion, which you can do here


Failing that, please share this with as many other Suffolk residents as you can. As Melody says, ‘What a great moment in history to be alive. When else did the public gather around the globe to force our political leaders to step up now and lead with wisdom and heart?  We can think globally and must, but we have to act locally.’

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