Havening Technique for overcoming anxiety

Overcoming anxiety with the Havening Technique
Picture credit: Laura Allenby

I recently learned the Havening Technique, which is a great tool for overcoming anxiety. It is a quick, simple, and enjoyable way to feel better.

I learnt it when I did Kate Northrup’s Plenty webinar about abundance and money. I have been using it ever since and I have noticed that I feel better and much more zen. NB. There are other causes that could be contributing to that; I’ve been taking CBD oil and I did a wonderful Chiron healing with Debs de Vries amongst other things.

From what I understand, the Havening Technique is so effective because it calms the parasympathetic system. It’s so easy you can do it anytime, anywhere, without anyone noticing.

I like the Havening Technique for overcoming anxiety so much that I have recorded a video. Many people I talk to tell me how they regularly feel anxious, so I hope this video helps.

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