Embrace your Emotions

Embrace your Emotions

Learn to harness the power of your emotions

We all experience what we perceive to be negative emotions and it can be tempting to repress such feelings. I believe it’s important to embrace your emotions, so you can process them and move through them.

It’s useful to accept emotions and surrender to them, rather than beating ourselves up for them.

Also, negative emotions often have a positive aspect. Anger, for example, can be a great motivator. It can empower us to make change.

I recently received a shamanic healing from Clare Chater from Pash. When I arrived I felt upset. The night before I’d had a row with Mr Sexy Pants (MSP) where I’d lost my temper quite badly. I felt ashamed of my angry actions and the enraged thoughts in my mind.

Clare encouraged me to embrace all my emotions and harness the power of them. She suggested that for seven days I make a video diary expressing my emotions, which I did over the next week. Some days I felt totally fine and the video reflected that. Other days I was angry or upset and I vented that on the video, sometimes with tears pouring down my face. It felt very cathartic.

In his book, Letting Go – The Pathway of Surrender, David R. Hawkin, M.D., Ph.D. encourages the reader to go as far as imagining exactly what you would like to say or do to the person pissing you off. It’s important to accept those feelings – and then let them go.

When I felt angry with MSP I got hold of his face with my hands and squeezed it hard, before kicking him and punching him. I imagined myself smashing his head against the bedside table, which incidentally is made of glass. It wasn’t part of a conscious practice. I was just so angry. I do feel ashamed to be sharing that. Hawkin says that rather than be ashamed we can accept that behaviour as part of being human.

Emotions often have a message for us, so it can be useful to ask what that message is. For example, when we feel angry, it’s often a sign that someone has violated our boundaries.

Next time you feel strong emotions, try recording a video of yourself expressing those emotions. Ask yourself what the emotion is trying to tell you? How does it feel to really connect with those emotions?

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