The Abundance Transformation


As I’ve mentioned previously, Abundance is a work in progress area for me. I do feel that at the ripe age of 43, I am making improvements in this regard and I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far.

  • Sometimes you’ve got to get a job

As a student and advocate of The Law of Attraction I felt that I should be able to instantly and easily manifest abundance so that I would have the time and money to work on fulfilling my mission and life purpose. I was applying lots of law attraction methods including tithing*, affirmations and visualisations and I couldn’t understand why I was still skint. The thing is I was worrying about money and worrying is a negative form of the law of attraction and that was cancelling out all the positive action I was taking. In order to combat that it was necessary for me to get a job so that I could stop worrying and get back in rhythm with the Universe.

  • Abundance creates abundance

As I started earning money, I stopped worrying and I started receiving lots of unexpected income from various places on a regular basis. I’ve noticed that having abundance creates more abundance.

  • Taking positive action

I started taking positive action, or making good causes as we say in Buddhism, including tithing*, increasing my debt payments and keeping a daily record of my income and expenditure. The law of cause and effect means that for every action there is a reaction. Which brings me to my next point…

  • Take a step and the Universe meets you half way

I recently went on holiday with Mr Sexy Pants, which he paid for. He made a few comments about how he had paid for the holiday and was paying for everything while we there. He said next time I’d have to pay my way, which is totally fair enough of course. So, over the last few months, when I’ve received unexpected income I saved some of that money to put into my holiday fund. Then last week, out of the blue, my Dad gave £1,000 to go on holiday with!

  • Keep positive when things go wrong

When things go wrong it’s easy to give up and think the Law of Attraction isn’t working. Something I’ve learned is that things often get worse before they improve. In Buddhism we call this human revolution. Often there’s something we need to learn in order to move forward and the Universe provides that lesson for us. Nicherin Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law says that when obstacles arise “the wise will rejoice and the foolish will retreat”. – WND

Last month I made a good cause by visiting two young Buddhist women who live about 40 minutes’ drive away from my house. The next week I received a fine for driving in a bus lane. Let’s just say I was mildly peeved and inside my head I started ranting,

“I can’t believe it! I made a good cause and this is how the Universe repays me!” and so on – you can probably imagine. Then I stopped and took a step back.

“Hang on a minute,” I reminded myself. “The wise will rejoice and the foolish will retreat.” Instead of complaining, I took this as a sign I was on the right path. The next day, I received a credit on my water bill for a similar amount to the bus lane fine and since then I have manifested over £1,500.

So I’m starting to get better at manifesting expected and unexpected income from multiple sources on a regular basis. The next step is for me to manifest a regular income from doing work that I love and serving humanity so that I can move closer to fulfilling my mission and life purpose.

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* Tithing is giving a percentage of your income to a religious or charitable cause. I’ll be writing about that in a future post.

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