New Moon Abundance Cheque – this actually works!

Law of Abundance Cheque

In June 2015, my friend Ali Basil sent me a picture of a new moon abundance cheque. This was similar to one I’d previously downloaded from ‘The Secret’ website and my first thought was “I’ve got one of those and it hasn’t worked”. As I looked closer though, I could see this was different. Ali instructed me to write my own and put it in my money corner at new moon. Although I didn’t really think it would work, I followed Ali’s instructions and to my amazement, I received £1200 into my bank account the very next day. This month I have done the same. Remember abundance isn’t always about money. You can be abundant in many ways. Whatever the Universe blesses you with, remember to be grateful and say thank you. May you be blessed with wealth and abundance. And so it is. Exercise On the next new moon write your own new moon abundance cheque as depicted in the image above. Put it in your money corner. Write ‘Thank you’ on the back. Find out when the next new moon is. Find out where your money corner is by using this bagua (I use the front door method). Watch out for abundance coming into your life, make a note of it, be grateful and say thank you. If you enjoy reading my blog posts and feel guided to do so, please share them with others and or make a donation by clicking here.

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