Happiness Coach – About Samantha Brook

Happiness Coach - Samantha Brook

Happiness coach – Samantha Brook

Owner and founder of Happiness Club, Samantha Brook is a Happiness Coach. In 2018 she successfully came off her anti-depressant medication after being on it for 26 years! Samantha is passionate about teaching others the techniques that have helped her achieve this. She is learning to become Happy and her mission is to help others also become happy.

Ten years ago, Samantha felt stuck, frustrated and depressed. Fed up of being single, overweight, unhealthy, miserable and in debt, she even ran away to Egypt. She married an Egyptian, who already had a wife! Since then Samantha has been on a journey of self-discovery. As well as successfully coming off her anti-depressant medication, her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health have never been better. She’s in a happy, healthy relationship. In the last year she has lost over 19 lb in weight. She is also in the process of paying off her debts. Samantha wants to share the secrets of her success, warts and all, with you so that you can understand her experience and learn to be happy.

At Happiness Club Samantha offers one-to-one coaching, workshops and online courses. She is also available to book as an inspirational speaker.

Although she has a life coaching qualification and NLP certification, Samantha is mainly qualified by life experience. In the event that you have serious mental health issues Samantha can refer you to someone who is qualified to deal with that.

Samantha lives in Ipswich, Suffolk with her partner Andy and two cats, Gabby and Charlie. She works as a Multimedia Sales Executive at Archant. Samantha also presents The Happiness Show on Ipswich Community Radio on Saturdays at 1 pm.

In her downtime Samantha loves to spend time by the sea. She also loves socialising and enjoys eating and drinking out with Andy and her friends. Andy and Samantha share a love of poker, which is where they met.

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