The Key to Life

Well I have to admit I’ve been pretty rubbish at keeping this blog updated. On the plus side, so far 2012 has been fabulous. I have been eating generally more healthily, I have taken up running, I’ve been on loads of great dates and I’m feeling really relaxed and happy.

I’m really enjoying living in Ipswich and I am finally learning to chill out, be present, trust and surrender. I believe these things are the key to life. I’ve stopped stressing about what I should be doing and started doing what I want to do, without feeling guilty. I am also to start to get the hang of manifesting. In the last few months I have manifest two amazing friends, a flat, a car, various amounts of unexpected sums of money up to £400 and my £25,000 of debt has magically disappeared.

I used to get my knickers in a twist that I should be meditating, become a vegan, be exercising, do yoga, spend time in nature, cut out sugar and so on. I often felt overwhelmed by all the information about spirituality and all the material I read about spiritual practices that I should be doing. Now I read what I want, if and when I want to read it. I have found certain practices that work for me such as gratitude, ho’oponopono, Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (particularly the law of intention), the Power of Now, tithing and meditation. I release the need to feel that I have to practice them and I practice them if and when I want to. I find that I want to practice them most days and I can see and feel the results in my life.

Learning to love myself in 2012

My intention for 2012 is learn to love and care about myself. My first step is to stop eating crap and start eating healthily by increasing my intake of raw fruit and vegetables and decreasing my intake of white flour, sugar and meat.
On the menu today:

Tea with milk
Oatibix oat flakes
Alpro soya yoghurt
Pumpkin seeds

Decaffeinated coffee

Scrambled Egg
Seeded wholemeal Toast
Baked Beans
Redbush tea

Learning to Love Myself Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles

Learning to Love Myself Cheese and Vegetable Bake

Reflections on the day
I felt a bit low earlier as I was lonely and worried about finding work and how I will manage financially, so I prayed and thought about what could help me feel better. I repeated the Ho’oponopono prayer a few times and said a gratitude prayer, as I know they have helped me before. To be honest, I didn’t expect them to help but I soon felt much better and felt motivated to cook a healthy dinner.
Gratitude Prayer – Every day I make it a habit to pray and give thanks for all the fantastic things in my life. This enables me to focus on the good, rather than the negative. This raises my vibration and attracts abundance into my life.
My breakfast cereal (oatibix oatflakes) contains sugar as does Alpro Soya yoghurt, so I intend to replace these with a sugar free alternative.
I could have eaten more raw fruit and vegetables by replacing the truffles with fruit, such as clementines, and saving the truffles as an end of day treat. I could also have had a salad with my dinner and drunk a lot more water.
No food is forbidden. It is my experience that as soon as I food is forbidden I eat it like there’s no tomorrow. 😀
My intentions for the rest of the day and tomorrow are:
1) To watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part one
2) To watch some comedy. I believe that watching comedy is a good way to raise your vibration
3) To meditate for 30 minutes before I go to bed
4) To play something uplifting and positive as I go to sleep, so that it permeates my unconscious mind
5) To wake up and practice yoga and meditation
6) To practice the Ho’oponopono prayer, gratitude prayer and read my intentions list
7) To go for a walk in nature
8) To update this blog
9) To find case studies for my life coaching qualification

And so it is. And so it shall be.