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Samantha Brook

Samantha Brook lives in Suffolk with her partner Andy and her two cats, Gaby and Charlie. She currently owns and manages three businesses; Suffolk Social Media, Local Values and The Happiness Club.

When Samantha was a little girl she always loved writing stories and received awards at school for her writing, including being highly commended in the WHSmith Young Writer’s competition. Since then her dream has been to become a writer and more recently her goal is to inspire others through public speaking.

Samantha had an unhappy childhood and has battled with depression since that time. She has been on a fascinating journey all her life and believes that love for herself, love for others and love for the Divine is what is healing her. Samantha’s mission is to achieve unlimited self-esteem and absolute happiness and help others do the same. Her intention is to serve humanity by sharing her experiences, in the hope of inspiring others. Using humour, honesty and poignancy, The Happiness Club follows Samantha’s journey as she learns how to use her happiness tools to heal and grow stronger. Samantha is currently writing her debut novel, ‘F*cked Up, Drugged Up, Sexed Up, Loved Up’.


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  1. Hi Sam. I didn’t think I would find you, but took a chance, and found you in a number of places. Unfortunately (read: fortunately) , I am not on social media, so I am wondering how we can make contact… I have included an email address in the process of submitting this message, so maybe you will write me… although I will understand if you prefer not to. Thanks, Chris W – high school friend / exJW / IoW

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