The Power of The Unconscious Mind

The Power of The Unconscious Mind

Our unconscious mind is extremely powerful. When we harness that power, it can help us achieve more in our daily lives, overcome problems and get what we want. When I have a problem, I ask my unconscious mind for help. It’s often said that we possess all the answers within. We may not know the answers consciously, but our unconscious mind holds the key.

I find this works best when I’ve lost something. When I’ve lost something, I say the following:

“Unconscious mind, where is my watch (for example)? Thank you unconscious mind.”

Note, it’s important to say thank you before and after you’ve found the missing item.

You can also communicate with your unconscious mind when you have a problem or if you’re ill. You can say the following:

“Unconscious mind, what is it in me that’s causing me to have a headache? Unconscious mind, bearing in mind there’s a positive intention behind every behaviour, please help me to find another way to achieve this intention.”

I learnt about using the power of the unconscious mind when I did my Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training. That week I noticed that I smelt of BO. I used this technique and asked my unconscious mind what was causing it. As I was having a bath later that evening I suddenly had a thought that my deodorant had run out. Sure enough, when I got out of the bath and checked, my deodorant had run out. It was a roll-on, so I hadn’t noticed.

This technique can also be used in combination with the Ho’oponopono prayer that I mentioned in last week’s blog post.

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