I have talked about the magic of Ho’oponpono in my previous blog posts. The way I understand it, Ho’oponopono is a powerful prayer that heals and transmutes karma from this life and previous existences and therefore helps us to solve our problems and achieve our goals. It is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique.

Dr Hew Len is responsible for bring Ho’oponopono into people’s awareness in modern times. He used it to heal mentally ill patients. Dr Len was asked to work at a psychiatric hospital. The patients at the hospital had such severe mental health problems that a lot of them were considered to be dangerous. The staff hated going to work and were even scared of going to work.

Dr Len never met the patients, instead he looked at their files and performed the Ho’oponopono prayer. In time the patients healed, the staff started to enjoy going to work and in the end the patients were all discharged, and the hospital was closed down.

How to perform the Ho’oponopono prayer

Before you say the prayer ask yourself, “what is it in me that’s causing this situation?” Then, say the prayer as follows:

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Everything that happens to us is a result of cause and effect. It might be a consequence of a mistake we have made previously, either in this life or in another existence. It might be something that we need to experience in order to learn a lesson. We apologise to ourselves and everyone involved, forgive ourselves and everyone involved, we say thank you for the learning experience and send love to the situation and the people involved.

Even when it’s someone else’s problem or illness, it is still something in us that has caused it. We create our reality. As such this is a great prayer for healers to use to aid patients’ recovery.

My experience of using this technique

My most memorable experience of using this technique was when I was travelling home on the train from Glastonbury. I was lucky to get on an earlier connecting train at Bath train station. The only problem was that it was not the train I had booked on. When the conductor came around and asked to look at my ticket, she noticed that I was on the wrong train. We exchanged angry words and she said I would have to get off at the next station and wait for the next train.

After she left I said the prayer. As we pulled into the next station, I gathered my things to get off the train, where I would have to wait for some time in the cold. The conductor came back and apologised. She said she’d spoken to her supervisor and they had agreed I could stay on the train.

My other memorable experience of using this technique was also on a train. I was on my commute home from London. Again, the conductor came around to look at our tickets. He got angry when he looked at my ticket because it was an off-peak ticket and I was travelling at peak time. I explained that I had made an honest mistake. The conductor wasn’t having a bar of it though and he tried to fine me, but I refused to pay. He angrily told me that he was going to have me arrested when I got to Ipswich Station. I said the prayer. Before the end of the journey he came back. He was still angry but he’s said that he radioed through to Ipswich and everyone had left for the evening so there was no one there to arrest me. He was clearly not happy about this. I was obviously over the moon.

I hope you found this post interesting. There are lots of resources online to help you learn more about this technique and I recommend reading Zero Limits by Dr Len and Joe Vitale.


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